Integrated Strategy & Branding

Sell your products and services more effectively with communications that hit your customers and prospects where they live, and engages them so they want to hear more.

Element-R Partners’ R-Map (Relevance Mapping) planning process investigates the reasons customers buy from you to hone your brand story and value propositions, then directs your team through strategic brainstorming to develop multiple, original marketing elements that tie directly to your business objectives.

Branding services include: market research; new brand and company name development; brand launch programs and logo/letterhead/business card design.

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Social Media

Conversations about your company and your brand are happening every minute, all around you, with or without you, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, the blogosphere and a thousand other channels.

But social media means more than platforms, followers and friends. Engaging the people talking about you and participating in those conversations is now elemental to what you do.

Element-R Partners can assess your social media communications goals, integrate multi-channel programs, and build a social strategy that targets key media and influencers to generate leads/demand. This includes research and monitoring; developing online communications practices and policies; micro-blogging; blogger relations; webinars and events; and building social networks and communities.

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If you only have a website and are not actively working to make it more visible using other digital tools, you could be missing daily sales opportunities.

Starting with an audit of your digital presence, Element-R Partners helps you take stock and identifies specifics on how you can improve your online footprint.

From keyword and traffic analyses through new site content and design, to YouTube videos, online content sharing with targeted portals, search ads, online display ads and more, the potential for exposing your message and creating a dialogue with your market is there for the taking.

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Publicity Public Relations

Publicity gives you credible editorial exposure at a lower cost than advertising. Complete publicity and PR programs get you noticed, from press releases optimized for the Internet, to press kits and bylined articles, through speaking engagements, online white papers and truly expert media relations.

Even better, today you can be your own medium. Element-R Partners can get your voice heard and bolster your digital presence with smart articles and commentary, and leverage publicity content in blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media platforms.

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Ads & Literature

Element-R Partners can make your company more relevant and remarkable with a new presentation of your company in brochures, product literature, online and print advertising and other sales support and marketing communications materials – all hitting the mark on what your customers care about.

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Trade Shows & Events

Element-R Partners increases trade show ROI with integrated show promotions, including traffic-building pre-show mailers, at-show activities and editor interviews. Plus, we handle full exhibit concept development, design and production.

We deliver comprehensive planning and execution that creates an unforgettable event — with spot-on alignment with your brand positioning and business objectives.

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