Intergrated Strategy & Branding

  • Sell your products and services more effectively with communications that hit your customers and prospects where they live, and engages them so they want to hear more.

    Element-R Partners’ R-Map (Relevance Mapping) planning process investigates the reasons customers buy from you to hone your brand story and value propositions, then directs your team through strategic brainstorming to develop multiple, original marketing elements that tie directly to your business objectives.

    Branding services include: market research; new brand and company name development; brand launch programs and logo/letterhead/business card design.

  • Growth by a Factor of Ten: MMI

    A U.S.-based subsidiary of a French orthopedic implant company sought to widely publicize a new surgical treatment using its new Smart Toe™ implant to treat hammertoe and similar toe deformities. The objective: alert consumers and other potential stakeholders, such as orthopedic and podiatric surgeons, to the availability of the product, and its successes to date in U.S. patients.

    Element-R supplied a wide range of marketing and PR assistance that helped MMI USA grow from $3 million to $30 million, culminating in the sale of the company to a larger competitor.

    PublicityMedia materials focused on Smart Toe’s unique memory-metal alloy, and how it compared favorably to existing treatments for hammertoes and other deformities. To support the publicity effort, Element-R conceived of and created an online information portal about hammertoe treatment, a website for consumers. The site provides objective information about surgical and non-surgical options, and directs visitors to their physician.

    Results:- Print/online publicity: 5.6 million readers via 98 published articles, plus community news release in more than 30 local newspapers.

    - Times Square: Smart Toe implant shown 12 times

    - Television placements: 96 million+ projected viewers of syndicated and multiple local station reports

    - Radio publicity: 7.5 million + listeners via a National Audio News Tour and Satellite Radio syndicated show

    Online Ads & ContentThe HammertoeTreatment site has proved to be the single most efficient tool for ongoing awareness/education

    - Ads on Google: Resulted in 9,284 clicks and 18,565 page views to the web site during a recent six month period; the online ad program continues to account for more than 70 percent of all new site visits.

    - Develop and published reference on Wikipedia

  • Integrated Marketing Product Launch: Integrated Document Technology (IDT)

    IDT specializes in delivering integrated ECM, ERP and CRM solutions to small, mid-sized and enterprise clients and wanted to get the word out about its new, affordable and scalable offer for independent community banks — a vertical market in which the company was virtually unknown.

    Tapping the reach of a leading community bankers association in Illinois, the client and Element-R embarked on a tightly focused six-month campaign culminating in a regional trade show. The product launch campaign included:

    - Display advertising in the association’s journal;

    - An introductory direct mail campaign to association members; and

    - A pre-show direct mail campaign targeted to 160 decision-makers who planned to attend the trade show.

    Results: The show mailing produced a 10 percent response rate among bank executives, who scheduled meetings at the booth to discuss the client’s new product offering. Of the 200 booth visitors whose badges were scanned, half were attracted directly through the pre-show mailer.