Social Media

  • Conversations about your company and your brand are happening every minute, all around you, with or without you, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, the blogosphere and a thousand other channels.

    But social media means more than platforms, followers and friends. Engaging the people talking about you and participating in those conversations is now elemental to what you do.

    Element-R Partners can assess your social media communications goals, integrate multi-channel programs, and build a social strategy that targets key media and influencers to generate leads/demand. This includes research and monitoring; developing online communications practices and policies; micro-blogging; blogger relations; webinars and events, and building social networks and communities.

  • Visibility and Sales:
    Global Pharmaceutical Development Company

    Compared to many other industries, social media engagement for pharmaceutical companies is more of an involved undertaking. FDA regulations not only limit what healthcare-related companies are able to say via social media, but also what they say as potentially compelling content winds up being stripped down to stay in compliance.

    So, when a global pharmaceutical contract research company wanted to connect with potential users of one of its new service lines, the company asked Element-R to build traffic. The company was the perceived leader in this area, yet organic search results  put the company on page five of Google search results.

    We assessed the outreach limitations and inquired about a blog to deliver content and better organic search results. The idea had potential, but the company said that something that resided outside its corporate website was out of the question for the time being.

    Instead, we recommended creating a “non blog” blog. To alter its lonely outpost on the company’s huge corporate website, we made changes to mimic a blog, encompassing a piece of new content every week, such as existing articles, posters and podcasts. When new content went live, we pushed it out via an eblast to existing customers and to two dedicated groups on LinkedIn.

    Results: Over a ten-week period, traffic to the product’s page grew eight fold and the product’s Google ranking went from page five to page one, third citation. Six months after inaugurating the program, the product brought in three times more contracts than the year before.