Trade Shows & Events

  • Element-R Partners increases trade show ROI with integrated show promotions, including traffic-building pre-show mailers, at-show activities and editor interviews. Plus, we handle full exhibit concept development, design and production.

    We deliver comprehensive planning and execution that creates an unforgettable event — with spot-on alignment with your brand positioning and business objectives.

  • Traffic-Building and Lead Generation: USG

    A division of United States Gypsum (USG) wanted to make an impact with a new product introduction at a national conference, and a completely new exhibit. In less than six weeks from concept to show, Element-R:

    - Created several theme options based on show objectives and key messages, incorporating different, live activities as well as exhibit design choices. “Feats of Strength” theme leveraged the new product‘s advantage of strength versus competitors.

    - Designed a new, colorful exhibit modeled after the Cirque du Soleil style of sophisticated carnival, a complete departure from the company’s typical, conservative approach.

    - Two hands-on activities: 1) a carnival ‘High-Striker’ encouraged visitors to “test their own strength.” 2) A hands-on comparison test of the new product to more traditional industry products was positioned within the exhibit. Participants were entered into a drawing for tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show.

    - An interactive pre-show mailer featuring a muscle man, sent to 10,000 registrants, invited attendees to “Test their Strength” at the exhibit.

    Results: Traffic to the client’s exhibit was higher than ever before at this show. Visitors were four deep and blocked the aisle, achieving the goal of making a major impact at this conference. More than 700 qualified leads were gathered and used for sale follow-up and as an active database for future marketing. Traffic to the client’s direct competitors, some of whom also had new exhibits, paled in comparison.

  • Corporate Event: USG

    The Structural Technologies Group of United States Gypsum (USG) commercialized a patented, fiberglass-reinforced cement panel technology called FORTACRETE ™, used for building floors, walls and ceilings. Element-R developed and executed an integrated marketing communications plan or a controlled launch that included an unveiling event.

    Target audiences included leading architects, general contractors, developers, home builders, structural engineers, university educators, associations, USG partner companies and USG executives.

    USG and Element-R worked closely to design a high-impact event for industry leaders by an industry leader, without heavy commercial overtones. Management demanded innovative thinking for the event, to distinguish it from a traditional product introduction.

    The event achieved these goals via several non-traditional elements that together made this a unique forum:

    - Venue with both architectural and construction interest: The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion;

    - Investing in keynote speaker Daniel Libeskind, famed international architect, with a talk entitled, “A Vision for the Future: Architecture, Art, and Urban Life.”

    - Directly involving guests in the event by showing their own innovative projects in a Showcase Gallery; facilitating interaction throughout the evening;

    - Limiting technology introduction time to a 20-minute presentation by USG;

    Results: The event achieved the overall marketing objective of generating excitement around the new technology while seeding long-term market interest among the 70+ guests from 35 companies. The majority of survey respondents rated the event as outstanding.