Social Media

Conversations about your company and your brand are happening every minute, all around you, with or without you, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and industry blogs and portals.

But social media means more than platforms, followers and friends. Engaging the people talking about, participating in those conversations, sharing your content – and getting them to convert – is elemental to what you do.

Starting with an audit of the social landscape for your product/service, we assess your social media communications goals, integrate multi-channel programs, and build a social strategy with content that targets key media and influencers to generate leads/demand.

  • Social Media research and monitoring
  • Content Development and Execution
  • Building social networks and communities
  • Online communications practices and policies
  • Blogger relations
  • Micro-blogging
  • Webinars and online events

Get connected, build traffic and win business. See client results.